De Salvatore S. - Segreto A. - Chiusaroli A. - Congiu S. - Bizzarri F.

Handbook of Emergencies in Adult Cardiac Surgery

Volume formato 14 x 21 di 40 pagine con illustrazioni e schemi.

This book on emergencies is intended to provide the basic informations that are relevant to those professionals loving to increase their training in this dramatic field of the cardiac surgery.
This discipline is continually expanding and the emergencies also with the development of new concepts from the etiology to the pathogenesis, from the clinics to the therapy.
This book focuses on the essential informations that every student graduating in medicine and surgery and training in cardiac surgery and cardiology should have within reach. It would be fine even for nursing staff and all professionals working with adult cardiac patients with the goal to give some understanding of the principles surrounding the field of the emergencies.

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Ottobre 2015 (disponibile solo in lingua Inglese)


De Salvatore S., Segreto A., Chiusaroli A., Congiu S., Bizzarri F.


Volume formato 14 x 21


40 pagine

informazioni extra

con illustrazioni e schemi


Chapter 1
Surgical Complications of Ischemic Heart Disease
Free Wall Heart Rupture
Papillary Muscle Rupture
Ventricular Septal Defects

Chapter 2
Pulmonary Embolism

Chapter 3
Aortic Dissection
Introduction and Epidemiology
Pathogenesis and Clinical Aspects
Diagnosis and Management

Chapter 4
Cardiac Traumas